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If you’re still here, I’ll introduce you myself, with pleasure:

I’m Elisa, Image Consultant, Blogger, Stylist, Color Analyzer, Bridal Stylist, Lecturer, Writer, Personal Shopper, etc. etc. … In short, I am a lot of things!

All this for a single and fundamental thought: I DO BELIEVE IN THE CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT OF EACH OF US, in a CONSTANT EVOLUTION, since the inner and outside beauty are closely related. Of course, if you see yourself better, you will also feel better. Commonplace maybe, but not always taken for granted, indeed!

If you are looking for the Fashionista Image Consultant, who fills your head with fashionable words and who discusses about the daily outfits….  move on, it’s not me!

About me:

  • My work  is based on an irrefutable and mathematical combination of shapes and colors;
  • I study and process your image, starting from your personality and your needs, without distorting yourself;
  • I teach you how to look at yourself in front of the mirror, I make youreself independent and confident, I give you all the tools to be ALWAYS PERFECT, BUT ALWAYS IN YOUR OWN WAY!

Whether you are a private person looking for a growth of your image, or a professional eager to offer an innovative and winning service to your customers, go to my service page, (PRIVATE, BRIDE TO BE, PROFESSIONALS, ON LINE) to discover the range of proposals  I have studied for you.

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