My story is, perhaps, a little atypical!

I’ve never been passionate about fashion, in fact, to be honest, I’m relatively interested in fashion!

As a young girl I was frustrated because I saw models as unattainable examples, today, as an adult, I simply enjoy myself since I finally realized that fashion is nothing more than a pleasant tool, to communicate whatever you want to.

I always got disappointed, first as a quite unpretty teenager and then as a normal woman, by the IMMANE SUPERFICIALITY OF IMAGE OR by the desire to FLAUNT WITHOUT SUBSTANCE.

Vice versa, SELF-DEPRECATING since you do not consider yourself to be up to it, or PUTTING LIMITS to opportunities, because you never consider yourself enough.

I speak mostly of women, but there would be so much to tell also about the male’s universe!

I consider myself a sort of “scale’s needle”, on one hand I add essence and soul to “willing just to appear”, and, on the other hand, I give confidence and security to those who feel too often out of place.

IT’S NOT JUST A MATTER OF BEAUTY, but of HARMONY as well. We all have warts and alls, I aspire to convey that fantastic awareness of what you really are.

As so many other people, I spent the first 30 years of my life doing a safe work, a classic 8 hours one, in office, etc.

But something was missing…

I started to study, a lot, really a lot, at first the fantastic world of Color Analysis, then the infinite universe of Image Consulting, moving from Shapes Analysis, to Colors Combinations, from the concept of Communication linked to the Image, to its Psychology.

I have studied, and still study so much today, because it is a stimulating, compelling, exciting and ever-changing field.

With pride, because there is not an absolute training in this field, I have developed an Image Consulting Service in which I recognize myself very much, thanks to which I get many and wonderful results.

Well yes, I am and I do consider myself very good in what I do!

How do I maintain that? I see every day the results that my clients share with me, their portentous changes, both external and internal, and the wonderful phrase that I hear the most is “I feel better!”.

I designed for years Wedding Dresses, creating my brand “Couture Mademoiselle” realizing, WITH PRIDE, the dream of dozens and dozens Brides, studying absolutely personalized and dedicated projects, not forgetting the Groom and all the important figures related to the ceremony.

I am lucky since I have selected over time extremely professional and prepared collaborators (including Bra Fitters, Fashion Stylists, Dress Makers, Make Up Artists and Hairstylists) thanks to which I have, to date, the opportunity to propose a wide and original multitude of services.

Knowing every day new people , new stories, new desires, new ambitions… it’s beautiful!

I can ‘t help THANKING the hundreds of people who gave, and is still giving me, confidence, and that have made me part of their life paths and architect of their changes. People who every day shares with me their daily results!

Thank you.